Department of Electronics and communication Engineering
Analog Electronics-II


This lab provides a strong foundation on linear circuits. Objective of this lab is to design and implement circuits with Op amp and to gain knowledge on performance of circuits and its applications.

 Much attention is given to basic Op amp configurations, linear and nonlinear application and active filter synthesis. It also deals with oscillators and waveform generators. Students are made familiar with applications of 555 timers.

These designed circuits are tested and verified for their performance under the laboratory conditions using power sources like DC Power supply, AC sources like function generators. Their input and output parameters like input waveforms, output waveforms, input and output current and voltage readings, etc. are analyzed by using measuring instruments like multimeters and DSO’s. The captured values from the instruments are noted and used for further calculations.

These circuits should also be simulated on PSPICE.

Lab is well equipped with the latest signal generators, DSOs, digital multimeters and desktopPCs. Guidance is provided to the students by a team of expert faculty members and lab technicians.