Department of Electronics and communication Engineering
Mobile Computing Lab

Students perform experiments using all of the following software and hardware.

  •  QualNet version 5.0(Licensed version),
  • SENSEnuts an IoT platform,
  • NMIT (Nokia Mobile Internet ToolKit)(open source)


QualNet software is used in this Lab. QualNet® provides a comprehensive environment for designing protocols, creating and animating network of networks to improve their design, operation and management scenarios, and analysing their performance. It is a suite of tools for modelling large wired and wireless networks. It uses simulation to predict the behaviour and performance.

 QualNet enables users to:

•Design new protocol models.

•Optimize new and existing models.

•Design large wired and wireless networks using pre-configured or user-designed models. •Analyze the performance of networks and perform what-if analysis to optimize them.


SENSEnuts IoT Platform:

SENSEnuts is a platform for wireless sensor network research, development and implementation. The platform finds its application in numerous domains, though the back-end is running on IEEE’s 802.15.4 standard. It is pragmatic for researchers willing to realize their algorithms and visualize them to be practically implemented in the fields. It is suitable for carrying on research in algorithm development and testing, on the other hand, it apposite for end applications like home automation and many more.


NMIT 4.1 (Nokia Internet Toolkit):

Experiments are designed based on NMIT (Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1 version) to introduce the Wireless Markup Language to students. This tool enables the student to create webpages for wireless devices with small screens.